Heidi Rehm, PhD

Heidi Rehm is the Director of the Genomic Medicine Unit in the Center for Genomic Medicine and the Chief Genomics Officer in the Department of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, working to integrate genomics into medical practice. She is a board-certified laboratory geneticist and Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Laboratory Director of Broad Clinical Laboratories working to guide clinical genomic testing in medical practice. She is a principal investigator of ClinGen, providing free and publicly accessible resources to support the interpretation of genes and variants. Rehm also co-leads the Broad Center for Mendelian Genomics focused on discovering novel rare disease genes and co-leads the Matchmaker Exchange to also aid in gene discovery. She is a strong advocate and pioneer of open science and data sharing, working to extend these approaches through her role as Chair of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health. Rehm is also a principal investigator of the Broad-LMM-Color All of Us Genome Center supporting the sequencing and return of results to a cohort of one million individuals in the US and co-leading gnomAD, the Genome Aggregation Database. She serves as Vice President of Laboratory Genetics and a Board Member of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics as well as an advisor to the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium, Danish National Genome Center, Monarch Initiative, and CIViC database. She serves journal editor or advisor roles with American Journal of Human Genetics, Cell Genomics, and Genome Medicine. She is the 2022 recipient of the Scientific Achievement Award from the American Society of Human Genetics and has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers.

Chief Genomics Officer, Massachusetts General Hospital;

Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School


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