Agenda Topics

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Current Topics and Sessions


First Look: 15 rapid fire presentations

Fireside Chat: Albert Bourla, PhD, Chairman & CEO, Pfizer

KOL Focused Sessions – Block I of IV

Lunch and KOL Focused Sessions – Block II of IV

Opening Remarks

CEO Panel

Fireside Chat: Reshma Kewalramani, MD, CEO & President, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Provider CEO Panel

Fireside Chat: Christophe Weber, President & CEO, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

The Innovation Gap: A Review of the future of Viral Vector Manufacturing and the Delivery of Genetic Medicines

A Deep Dive on Genetic Modalities for Rare Disease: Genetic Medicines Are Here

Opening Reception


KOL Focused Sessions – Block III of IV

Fireside Chat: Kate Walsh, Secretary of Health & Human Services, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Fireside Chat: David Hyman, MD, CMO, Eli Lilly and Company

The Disruptors: Metabolic Power…Need It…Want It

The Innovation Gap: The Broader Impact of Metabolic Drugs on Related Diseases

Lunch and KOL Focused Sessions – Block IV of IV

Pioneering Digital Transformation

Capital Formation: Putting Money to Work – State of Affairs in Capital Markets

Fireside Chat: Toby Cosgrove, MD, former CEO & President, Cleveland Clinic and Marc Harrison, MD, Co-founder & CEO, HATCo

Fireside Chat

The Disruptors: The Biologic Revolution in Radiotherapies

The Innovation Gap: The Reemergence of ADCs Precision, T-cell engagers, and Bispecifics: Oncology at Its Finest

Attendee Reception and Dinner


The Disruptors: The Role of the Complement System in Inflammation and Inflammatory Diseases

Fireside Chat: Stéphane Bancel, CEO, Moderna

The Innovation Gap: Understanding the Role of Cell Therapies in Autoimmune Disease

Unmet Needs Panel with Harvard KOLs

Fireside Chat: Scott Gottlieb, MD, PhD, Former Commissioner, United States Food and Drug Administration (2017-2019)