Caroline Sokol, MD, PhD

Dr. Sokol is a practicing allergist and principal investigator at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and an Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. Her laboratory studies the cutaneous neuro-immune interactions promoting allergic immune disease and underlying allergen induced itch responses. She has provided several seminal contributions to the field, establishing the cysteine protease activity of allergens as Type-2 adjuvants, illustrating a role for basophils in the skewing of Th2 cells, and identifying a requirement for CCR8 in the entry of allergic-skewing dendritic cells into the lymph node. Most recently her laboratory established sensory neurons as crucial in linking allergen detection with dendritic cell activation and the initiation of the allergic immune response. In addition to these roles, Dr. Sokol is the Associate Program Director for the Physician-Scientist Pathway in the Internal Medicine Residency at MGH.

Assistant Physician, Mass General Hospital;

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School


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